Short Term Swing Trading Advice for
USA Stock Markets NYSE & NASDAQ
•  top 10-12 trading advice / month
•  trade holding period 1-2 weeks
•  average profit 5%-10% per trade
•  risk reward ratio from 1:2 to 1:4
•  US stock market indices forecast
•  complimentary investment ideas for
90 trading advice and 180 trading advice

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15 advice        $500            –            $500
45 advice      $1500     20% OFF     $1200
90 advice      $3000     33% OFF     $2000
180 advice    $6000     50% OFF     $2990

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–  15 trading advice in 1-1.5 months
–  45 trading advice in 3-4 months
–  90 trading advice in 6-7 months
–  180 trading advice in 12-14 months

A1 Trading Advice Benefits
(short term swing trading tips for USA stocks)

How to receive our swing trading signals in USA stocks?

Feel free to Contact Us for any query or explanation.

How do you select swing trading stocks for USA market in A1 Trading Advice?

We use price action trading, advanced algorithms and a set of proprietary indicators to identify advantageous entry and exit points for US stock markets. With our extensive research and years of trading experience, we have developed exclusive short term trading strategies for US Stocks. Primarily there are four different swing stock trading strategies to find out low-risk high return positional stock trading signals.

●  Momentum Trading Strategy (MTS) involves buying stocks when they are rising and selling them when they start to lose momentum. One method is to find the top swing trading stocks within 10% of their 52-week highs. Or we may look at the percentage price change over the last 8 weeks or 12 weeks. Generally, the former method is more sensitive to the recent price movements. As the best swing trader, we imply sophisticated risk management rules to address volatility, overcrowding, and hidden traps that reduce profits. The rules can be broken down into five elements: Selection of stocks, Risks involves around the timing in opening and closing the trades, Entry timing to getting into the trade early, Position management coupled with wide spreads and the trade holding period.

 ●  Range Trading Strategy (RTS) involves buying securities at the lower end of their range and selling them at the upper end of their range. This positional trading strategy works best in the absence of a trend, when the markets lack a clear direction. In this short term trading strategy for USA stocks, our objective is to work with the market’s natural tendency to oscillate between support and resistance levels, and to derive profit from the price movements within that range.

Here are the basic steps to trade in a range:

  1. Wait for the price to reverse at the boundary or at about 1/4th from the boundary of the support/resistance.
  2. Confirm the move with at least two candles that mark the direction away from the boundary and towards the center of the range.
  3. The price often turns before the support/resistance, so set the profit level no more than 2/3rds of the span of the range.

Several trading indicators work well with the swing trading strategies for US 30 stocks:

  • Bollinger Bands uses a moving average and two standard deviations to create a range.
  • Stochastic Oscillator uses a range of 0 to 100 to identify overbought and oversold conditions.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI) uses a range of 0 to 100 to identify overbought and oversold conditions.
  • Donchian Channel uses the highest high and lowest low over a specified period to create a range.

●  Breakout Trading Strategy (BTS) involves entering trades when the price of an asset moves beyond a certain level. The goal is to profit from the momentum that follows the breakout through significant levels of support or resistance with increased volume.

How to identify breakout trading for USA Stocks?

  1. Identify the support and resistance levels.
  2. Wait for the price to break through the support or resistance level with increased volume.
  3. Confirm the move with at least two candles that mark the direction away from the boundary.
  4. Enter the trade in the direction of the breakout.
  5. Set a stop loss order to limit losses if the trade goes against you.
  6. Set a take profit order to lock in profits if the trade goes in your favor.

●  Mean Reversal Trading Strategy (MRT) identify the potential trading opportunity during a trend reversal. This swing trading strategy for US stocks involves buying and selling securities based on the assumption that the price of an asset will eventually revert to its long-term mean or average. This concept is grounded in the belief that asset prices and historical returns will gravitate toward a long-term average over time. The greater the deviation from this mean, the higher the probability that the asset’s price will move closer to it in the future.

Mean Reversal Trading Strategy (MRT) is widely used in various financial time series data, including price, earnings, and book value. Short term traders in USA use mean reversion for timing of their respective daily trading and investment strategies. This swing trading strategy for USA stocks tries to capitalize on extreme changes in the price of a particular security, assuming that it will revert to its previous state.

Complementary access to our Investment Advice and Multibagger stock picks

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Customers reviews

I'm always surprised by their great short term trading ideas in USA stocks, amount of follow up and their willingness to answer questions. Most of their swing trade signals for Nasdaq 100 stocks are excellent and hit the target 80% of the time. I've never seen anything better than this.
Marc Matar
Have been a subscriber of A1 swing stock trading tips in USA stocks for a year and so far I'm satisfied with the service. Despite the ongoing bear market, this swing stock trading consultant gave several high profitable swing trading picks for NYSE stocks to improve my portfolio.
Suhail Sawood
The A1 Trading Advice by Naranj Capital is a first class short term stock trading advisory services in USA and an endless mine of good trading ideas. Thanks for your dedication and keep the good work. Highly accurate USA stock trading advice that hit the target 8 out of 10.
Greg Allen
Aerospace Engineer
The profits from my first trade was more than the paid subscription fee. As I am a working professional, this USA stock trading advice also matches my trading style, risks tolerance and when to take the appropriate action.
Fahdah Alsudairi
They are very responsive and really care about your situation. I really appreciate that you actually spends time reading my long messages and thoughtfully reply with specific actions. Wholeheartedly thank you, the Team, Naranj Capital!
Rawan Khalid
Solid short term trading advice in USA stocks based on charting knowledge and very helpful answering questions. Definitely recommend their swing trading advisory service to anyone looking profit by trading USA stocks.
Ayaz Kanth

Frequently Asked Questions

A1 Swing Trading Advice for US Stocks FAQ

Do you offer any free trial?

We do not offer any free trial, but you can sign up for our minimum subscription plan offering 15 US stock trading advice and take advantage of our A1 short term trade signals for USA stock market. We often post free trading recommendations on our social media page. Please like and follow them to get such updates

●  Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/NaranjCapital
●  Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NaranjCapital
●  Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/NaranjCapital
●  LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/NaranjCapital
●  TradingView: https://tradingview.com/u/NaranjCapital
●  Telegram: https://t.me/Naranj_USA

How to receive your us stock recommendations?

Our short term trading tips in USA stocks will be delivered straight to your Email Inbox and WhatsApp, so you would never miss out on a golden opportunity. Plus, you can access the full trading analysis report in our website. Don’t wait until the market opens – we’ll send you the trading alerts usually 2 hours before the USA trading sessions (9:30 AM EST) to stay ahead of the game. And with WhatsApp notifications for all follow-ups, you’ll be one step closer to mastering the art of short term trading and investment.

How many swing stock trading calls do you give in A1 Trading Advice for USA?

We send out 10-12 best short term trading ideas for US stocks in a month, all of which are exclusive picks from our experts.

What kind of trading calls do you give?

We provide recommendations for the delivery based positional trading calls.

  • Short term stock trading picks in US are the Buy and Hold trading advice and have a holding period of 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Medium-term trading calls have a hold period of 4 to 8 weeks.
    Short term delivery based trading is more profitable than intraday trading because the risk is less, and traders who have alternative jobs can easily trade the short term trading calls. It is great for those people who don’t have the time to stay glued to their trading screen all the day.

How to subscribe your trading advisory services for USA stocks?

Join our US stock market recommendations by subscribing to our website. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step 1: Choose your subscription plan and proceed to checkout.
Step 2: Provide your billing information, including your email ID and phone number.
Step 3: Safely and securely pay through the secured payment gateway using Net Banking / Credit / Debit Card.

Alternatively, you can opt for Direct Bank Transfer to complete your subscription. Don’t wait any longer – pay your subscription fees upfront and let us handle the rest. Start maximizing your trading potential today!

Kindly share your name and payment details to our WhatsApp +91-8335058282 or mail us at sales@naranjcapital.com.

Do you accept direct bank transfer?

Get your subscription started today by sending your payment directly to our account! Simply provide us with your name and payment details via WhatsApp (+91-834558282) or email us at sales@narajcapital.com.

Direct Bank Transfer Details:

  • Beneficiary:     Tapasi Bandyopadhyay
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You can use STC Pay, Western Union or other medium to easily transfer money to this account.

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Can I earn from trading?

One of the greatest ways to earn money in the world is through trading. Alternatively, trading can serve as a substitute revenue stream. Another option to benefit from your investment is to receive a dividend, which is paid by the firm to its shareholders when they make a profit.
Trading offers the chance to work from any location in the world and earn a limitless amount of money every day. The perks of trading for a living might be thrilling, so be ready for the lifestyle.

I am unable to activate subscription on your website. What should I do?

No worries. We’ll create the subscription for you. Kindly share your name, phone number, email ID and payment details to our WhatsApp +91-8335058282 or mail us at sales@naranjcapital.com.

I am not living in the middle east. Can I still become a member?

Yes, you may sign up for swing stock trading advisory in USA from any location in the world. To view the pricing information, switch the currency from SAR/AED to USD. During checkout, select Debit / Credit Card or PayPal through which international payment can be done.

How do I get an invoice for my subscription?

You will receive an invoice to your registered email address as soon as your subscription(s) are activated. As an alternative, you can check the status of your subscription by going to your online portal

How much time will it take to activate the subscription?

Typically, your subscription will become active instantly once the payment for the subscription is processed. In rare cases if your subscription service has not been activated, please reach us at sales@naranjcapital.com

Are there any add on benefits applied for short term stock trading advisory in USA?

Benefit add-ons have already been applied to your membership. Access our Investment Advice and Multibagger picks for USA stocks at no additional costs. Applicable to 90 and 180 A1 trading subscriptions only.

Can I start subscription from mid-month?

Absolutely! Feel free to take your subscription at any given moment. It’s important to note that our trading advice subscriptions have no fixed timeframe. Your subscription will only terminate once you’ve received all the trading guidance encompassed within the specific bundle you’ve chosen.

To illustrate, let’s say you’ve enrolled in the 15 Trading Advice package. It will end once you’ve received all 15 the US stock market signals from us. Wishing you prosperous trading endeavors!

How do you handle market volatility when giving daily trading signals for NYSE stocks?

Market volatility is a common occurrence in the US stock market, and it can be especially challenging for swing stock traders in USA. So, with every recommended swing trading stocks we put solid risk management strategy along with it – such as setting stop-loss orders and limiting the amount of capital you allocate for each trade.

How market trends can influence your swing trading tips in USA stocks?

Market trends play a significant role in our short term US stock trading recommendations. By analyzing the overall market direction, we identify potential trading opportunities and adjust USA swing trading strategies accordingly. For example, if the market is experiencing an uptrend, it may be favorable to focus on buying stocks that are trending upwards. On the other hand, during a downtrend, shorting or selling stocks may be more profitable.

Which method do you use for swing trading stock selection for USA market - technical analysis or fundamental analysis?

Both technical and fundamental analysis can be useful tools for the selection of best swing trading stocks in USA, but they serve different purposes. Technical analysis focuses on market trends and patterns, while fundamental analysis looks at a company’s financial health and overall market conditions. It’s important to use both approaches in combination to make informed trading decisions. Keep in mind that technical analysis may be more useful for short term trading in USA stocks, as it can help identify potential entry and exit points.

How do you advise to set profit targets and stop-loss orders in short term trading signals for US stocks?

Setting profit targets and stop-loss orders is a common strategy in short term trading, as it helps manage risk and lock in profits. It’s essential to set realistic profit targets based on the market conditions and the volatility of the stock being traded. We also reassess our recommended stop-loss levels to ensure they are appropriate for the current market situation.

What is the risk-reward ratio in your US stock buy recommendations?

Risk-reward ratio is a critical aspect which refers to the potential profit compared to the potential loss on a trade. For example, if you are risking $1 per share to potentially make $2 per share, your risk-reward ratio would be 1:2. We always maintain a minimum risk-reward ratio of 1:2, as it means that your potential trading gain in USA stocks is twice than your potential loss. This allows you to potentially make profits even if not all of your trades are winners.

How do you determine the appropriate exit point for day trading signals in USA stocks?

Determining an appropriate exit point for daily trading calls in USA stocks can be tricky, as it requires balancing risk and reward. One approach is to set a predetermined price target based on technical analysis or fundamental factors. Another method is to use trailing stops, which allow for potential gains to be locked in while still allowing room for the trade to continue if it moves in the desired direction. It’s also important to regularly monitor the USA stock market and adjust your swing trading strategies for US stocks as needed, taking into account any sudden changes or unforeseen events that could impact your trade.

Do you consider fundamental analysis to recommend swing trading picks for US stocks?

Fundamental analysis involves analyzing a company’s financial health, management team, competitive landscape, and other factors to determine its intrinsic value. While this may not seem like a priority for swing stock traders in USA, having a basic understanding of fundamental analysis can help their short term trading decisions. For example, if a company releases positive earnings reports or announces a new product launch, it may be an indication of potential price movement in the short term. By keeping up with fundamental news and events, we can better understand market sentiment and make more informed trades.

I have a specific questions or doubts on certain stocks or my portfolio holdings. Can I get your expert view on those?

Separate charges of $65 per stock will be applicable for any stocks outside our recommendations. Purchase the number of stocks to be reviewed and we’ll review it thoroughly and send our reports to your email/WhatsApp.

How should I decide which trading advisory services for US stocks will suit me the best?

Our swing trading advice in USA stocks are designed in such a way so that you need minimal time and efforts to remain active in the stock market. If you need any personalized guidance and complete portfolio management solution check our Focus Portfolio Management Advice. For any assistance, feel free to call +91-8335058282 or drop us an email at info@naranjcapital.com.

What if I don't want to become a member?

We put our best efforts in the premium stock trading advice in USA, which are exclusively reserved for Paid members only. You won’t get them without subscription. Our free stock analysis and advice are available in our social media page. Please like and follow them to get such updates.

Join our free US stock market telegram signals.

I have paid for a membership, but did not create an account. What should I do?

To claim your membership, please reach us at sales@naranjcapital.com. Kindly mention your name, phone number and email ID you like to register with your subscription.

Subscription and Product Delivery?

Access your subscriptions details and our premium swing trading recommendations for US stocks at any time by logging in to My Account online portal.

What is the refund Policy?

No refunds will be paid on any subscriptions that have already been taken or remaining subscription period. Please read the terms and conditions before subscribing our US stock market advisory services.

Can I share A1 USA swing stock trading advisory services with others?

Products and services are for your personal use only. Distribution to others, even within an organization, is not permitted.

Can I upgrade the existing plan in between?

Yes, you can upgrade the existing subscription for US stock market signals within 15 days of purchase. Just pay the difference and your subscription plan will be upgraded to the higher subscription plan.

How you get benefitted from our US stock market trading advisory?

Our unique approach in Advanced Technical Analysis helps you to create wealth and generate extra income. Subscribed members from our swing trading advisory in USA will get guidance for:

How much can you make from swing trading in US stock market?

The swing trading returns from USA stocks vary depending on the amount of capital invested. If you’re starting out or only do short term trading for part-time, you can still make hundreds or thousands in a month. Plus, as you gain skills in trading USA stocks and reinvest your gain, you earnings can be increased by every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short Term Trading Advice FAQ

Is short term trading riskier than long term investing?

Short term trading in USA stocks can be riskier than long term investing, as there is a higher likelihood of market volatility and unpredictable price fluctuations. However, with proper risk management strategies in place, swing trading signals for US stocks can also offer higher potential returns. It’s important for traders to carefully evaluate their risk tolerance and develop a solid trading plan before engaging in any form of trading.

How does research play a crucial role in successful swing stock trading picks in USA?

Extensive research is crucial for successful swing trading picks for US30 stocks. This includes staying up-to-date on market news, tracking company performance and financials, and understanding economic factors that could affect the market. It’s also important to conduct thorough analysis of technical indicators and charts to identify potential entry and exit points. Additionally, researching past price patterns and trends can help inform future trading decisions. Remember, knowledge is power in the world of positional trading picks in USA stocks. The more research and analysis you do, the better equipped you will be to make informed trading decisions and potentially increase your profits.

What are some common technical indicators used in swing trading strategies for Nasdaq 100 stocks?

Some commonly used technical indicators in short term trading strategies for Nasdaq recommendations include moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and Relative Strength Index (RSI). These indicators can provide insights into price movements and momentum, helping traders to identify potential entry and exit points. However, it’s important to note that no single technical indicator should be relied upon solely. The best swing traders in USA always use a combination of indicators and tools to make well-informed trading decisions.

Can Day/Intraday Trading make you rich?

You will open and close multiple trades in a single day as a day trader, and you never hold a position overnight. You must keep a close eye on the market throughout the day at this full-time employment. It takes versatile complex knowledge to make money by day trading. To comprehend chart patterns, trade volume, and price fluctuations, you truly need to be knowledgeable in technical analysis and possess advanced instruments. Aside from that, in order to trade well and seek day-trading gains, you must have a strong trading plan, control your risk, and hone your psychological efforts.
The earnings of a day trader vary widely and are primarily determined by their capital, day trading strategy, and risk management. Most traders lose their money, but very few use it to generate a regular income.

What are the benefits of setting profit targets for short term trading advice in USA stocks?

Setting profit targets for positional trading in USA stocks can help traders to stay disciplined and avoid getting greedy. It also allows for a more strategic approach to trading, as traders can plan their entry and exit points beforehand based on their profit target. This can lead to more consistent profits and minimize potential losses. Additionally, setting profit targets can help traders stick to their risk management plan and not be swayed by emotional decisions.

How to manage risk in swing short term trading in USA stocks?

Short term trading is often associated with higher risks due to the shorter time frame and faster price movements. Therefore, implementing stop-loss orders, diversifying your portfolio into different asset classes, avoiding putting all your capital in a single stock and limiting the size of your trades can effectively reduce risks. A well-diversified swing stocks portfolio can help mitigate potential losses if one stock or sector performs poorly.

Are there any specific industries or sectors that are more suitable for swing trading stock selection for USA markets?

There is no one specific industry or sector that is most suitable for swing stock trading picks in USA as volatility and opportunities can arise in any sector. However, some best swing traders in USA choose to focus on high-growth sectors such as technology or biotech, as they tend to have more frequent and significant price movements. Ultimately, it’s important to do thorough research and analysis before entering any trade, regardless of industry or sector.

How important is it to stay updated with market news and developments while engaging in swing stock trading in USA?

Staying updated with market news and developments is crucial for any trader, but even more so for those engaging in short term USA stock trading. We, as a best swing stock trading advisor in USA, rely heavily on market movements and fluctuations, making it essential to stay informed about major events, economic data releases, and company announcements that could impact the USA stock markets.

What is your overall approach to swing stock trading advice in USA and how has it evolved over time?

A common approach to our short term swing trading strategies for US30 stocks is to focus on high volatility stocks with strong fundamentals and positive news catalysts. This has been a popular strategy over the years, along with we are ready to adapt and evolve our approach as market conditions change. For instance, during times of market volatility, it may be more beneficial to focus on risk management and taking smaller profits rather than trying to make big gains. Stay flexible and always be willing to adapt your approach for the best chance of success in the short term trading in US stock market.

Can you discuss the pros and cons of using leverage in short term trading picks in USA stocks?

Using leverage in swing trading picks for Nasdaq 100 stocks can potentially increase profits, but it also comes with increased risk. Leverage allows traders to control larger positions with a smaller capital investment, which can lead to higher returns if the trade is successful. However, if the trade goes against the trader’s prediction, losses can also be magnified. It’s crucial to carefully consider the risks and have a solid risk management plan in place before using leverage. Additionally, it’s important to understand the specific leverage ratio being used in short term delivery based trading in USA stocks and how it may impact potential gains or losses.

How should I diversify my portfolio for short term swing trade stocks in USA?

Diversification is important in any form of trading, including short term US stocks trading. This means not putting all your eggs in one basket and spreading your risk across different industries and sectors. It’s also recommended to diversify within each industry, by choosing stocks from various companies with different market capitalizations. A well-diversified portfolio can help mitigate potential losses if one stock or sector performs poorly. It’s important to regularly review and adjust your diversified swing trading strategies for USA stocks as the market conditions change periodically.


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